Stefan Schenkelberg


"Everything is possible."

Stefan Schenkelberg is the owner of Oktoberfest Food And Fun, a subsidiary of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering. Stefan has strategically begun to expand his brand beyond the successful mobile food business, including his wife's Bakehouse - where Regina works on launching the famous Dresdner Stollen (Christmas Stollen) production line, the Oktoberfest themed event planning, and a few surprises in the pipeline for 2017!

He started his career in sales over thirty five years ago in the automotive industry but moved on quickly to become an insurance agent for a re-insurance company whilst studying for his MBA (distance learning) back in his homeland Germany. One of the professors in the class recognized his energy, analytical thinking skills and passion which fueled him to realize his childhood dream to become an estate agent. He met the girl, a trained pastry cook, who became his wife. Together they set up the real estate business. They then travelled the world and lived in America and Southern Ireland. Back in 2000 the family moved to England from Limerick, Ireland.

Stefan worked in the banking industry as an analyst before continuing his careers in language translation and localization where he managed an international team of linguists and designers. Between 2008 and 2010 Stefan worked for a British company as an ISO consultant.

His inviting nature, friendly personality and negotiation skills, along with an ambitious attitude is what continues to set him apart from others in his field. Stefan has a wealth of contacts, mainly in America, Germany and the UK, including contacts in the showbiz. He has the skill set to be self-employed. This includes developing marketing strategy and tactics for his ventures, including branding, digital and traditional advertising, grassroots campaigns and social media. These qualities along with pure determination to get things done makes him one of England's most successful bilingual networker and advocate of British German business relations.


Gian Schenkelberg

Executive Associate

"With out passion you don't have energy, with out energy you have nothing. Donald Trump"

The owner's son who does the talking. Gian has become an energetic personality. He inspires us by his communication skills and passion. His first job after graduation was at a London brokerage firm of MB Capital. He is now looking to continue his careers in London's financial service industry.



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